About us

With a selected range of high quality electric and manual cigarette tamping machines, as well as shredders and accessories, we offer dealers an incomparable choice.

All this and our extensive range of services make a cooperation with Powerfiller a relaxing and successful experience.


Powerfiller stands for

Quality - Reliability - Precise workmanship - Many years of experience - Innovative ideas


About Powerfiller 

Since 2009, electric and manual cigarette stuffing machines of excellent quality have been present on the European market. Since its foundation, entrepreneurial courage and the demand for the highest quality have been characteristic of Powerfiller. As a leading manufacturer of electric cigarette tamping machines, Powerfiller enjoys the trust of many customers worldwide.

In the products you can see the consistent orientation of quality assurance and the many years of experience of first-class trained employees.

Powerfiller inspires customers with innovative ideas.


In order to best meet the needs and requirements of end customers, great ingenuity and technical knowledge are necessary. Many years of experience, commitment and creativity are the success factors of Powerfiller.

The special success factors of Powerfiller products include a good price-performance ratio and excellent service.  


The development of a new machine:

All electric cigarette stuffing machines are developed in-house or in cooperation with an Asian manufacturer.

The development of a machine extends over a period of up to one year - divided into a development phase, a test phase (soft launch) and a production phase.

In the test phase, also known as the soft launch phase, a small number of new machines are brought onto the market in order to test their suitability for everyday use under real conditions. Meanwhile, a team in Germany is constantly working on the further development and quality improvement of current machines. After this soft launch phase and the quality improvements, the machine is ready for the market and goes into series production. 


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